Empress Employment

Employment Opportunities

We know the construction industry and our focus is to train our employees  and establish our agency with a reputable reputation that stands out from all others. All of our agents have an in depth knowledge of the construction industry and know what is required to be successful in each role.

• Project Managers 
• Carpenters 
• Plumbers 
• Electricians 
• Estimators
• Painters 
• Cabinet Makers 
• Drywallers 
• Welders 
• Site Supervisors

• Pipefitters 
• Cable Technicians 
• Building Operators
• Roofers 
• HVAC Technicians
• Project Coordinators
• Concrete Workers
• Engineers 

• Architectural Technolologist
• Restoration Technicians
• Stationary Engineers
• Warehouse Workers
• Service Technicians
• Landscapers

• Millwrights 


• Administrative Assistant

• Office Administrators

• Customer Service Representative

• Data Entry Specialist

• Executive Assistant

• Office Manager

Mr. Ted Sammy

Ted is the head recruiter for Empress Build employment. Ted follows a proven process to make sure the job you take is the one that’s the better fit for you. His professionalism and experience in the industry is beyond remarkable.